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10 November 2022

Ingka Group announces additional measures to support co-workers during cost-of-living crisis

Ingka Group is announcing two new measures today to support co-workers, including a 10-million-euro social fund to support those who need it most and a doubling of the employee discount to 30% on Swedish food market items and thousands of energy savings products.

Ulrika Biesèrt, Ingka Group People & Culture Manager, says how companies show up during this crisis will be remembered. “We find ourselves in yet another reality, triggered by the energy crisis and inflation,” she says. “Many of us have not experienced something like this before and every day is a new learning and a reminder that people’s wellbeing is at the heart of our business.”

Biesèrt says the cost-of-living crisis is hitting many people hard. “Some more than others,” she says. “We want to be able to support co-workers through this time, while balancing the needs of our business, always guided by our values.”

The new 10-million-euro social fund aims to support the co-workers who may require extra support during the cost-of-living crisis until the end of the fiscal year. Each Ingka Group country will give support to co-workers who may need “one-off” financial assistance to, for example, pay electricity bills or for housing costs.   

Biesèrt says the focus is on building an IKEA for generations to come. “Just like during the Covid pandemic, we are again taking action to demonstrate our commitment to be a meaningful employer,” she says.

The 30% discount will be extended to all Ingka Group co-workers worldwide for food purchased in Swedish Food Markets and on over 2,000 home furnishing products.

“In addition to doubling the discount for staples like plant balls, fish and seafood and potatoes in the Swedish Food Markets, we’re also focusing on products useful in saving energy, water and food waste, like water saving taps, light bulbs, bedspreads and appliances,” says Tolga Öncü, Ingka Group Retail Operations Manager.

Beyond these actions taken by Ingka Group on a global level, many markets have implemented specific actions to support co-workers.

These measures are part of a holistic Ingka Group approach to the energy and cost-of-living crisis. In addition to caring for co-workers, this includes activities already underway to support customers and communities, as well as actions to mitigate and save energy in the company’s own operations and further transition to renewable energy.

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