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Better company

Better company

We do business with a humanitarian outlook, guided by our vision and values but always adapting to a changing world. We structure our business to ensure financial resilience and we reinvest profit to help us keep growing and improving.  

We push to be a fair, inclusive and empowering company with good governance, equal opportunities and respect for human rights across our entire value chain. 

Led by our purpose

For the past 78 years, we have been driven by the IKEA vision to create a better everyday life for the many people. That is our purpose. We achieve our purpose through our strategic direction, our leadership and our values. 

Financial independence and our unique ownership structure

Our financial approach is based on 78 years of earning money before we spend it, which allows us to be financially independent and purpose-driven in our decisions. We think in generations, not quarters, and invest in the long-term good of our customers, our business, people, society and our planet.  

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  • Making a positive economic contribution
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Investing with impact

As Ingka Group, we invest in our own business, including in our stores, property and innovation. In addition, Ingka Investments, Ingka Group’s investment arm, strengthens long-term growth, secures our financial position and supports sustainability goals by making responsible investments in people and businesses. Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) factors are integrated into our investment decisions.  

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High standards of governance

Our governance is designed to ensure that Ingka Group remains a well-managed, successful, purpose-led company, and that we deliver on our strategic ambitions and goals, including our sustainability strategy.  

  • Our governance structures 
  • Integrating sustainability into our governance 
  • Risk management at Ingka Group 
  • Managing social, environmental and ethical risks 
  • Stakeholder engagement 
  • Identifying our material issues 
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Meeting the highest standards of integrity and business ethics

We run our business honestly and with integrity, meeting high ethical standards in our interactions with each other, our customers, visitors, suppliers and the world around us. 

  • Raising concerns and investigating misconduct 
  • Anti-bribery and corruption framework 
  • IWAY our supplier standards 
  • Data ethics, cyber security and data protection