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ONE HOME, ONE PLANET postponed until September

We’re all concerned about the continuing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and those it has so far affected. Because ONE HOME, ONE PLANET (OHOP) will bring a large number of people together – and because their health is naturally our priority – we’ve taken the difficult decision to move the event to early September 2020.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the spirit and energy that already exists around ONE HOME, ONE PLANET. Our belief is that ‘actions speaks’ and to solve the challenges we all face, the time to act is now. The climate crisis will not wait and people and communities still need our support. We will continue in the coming months with our ambitious plans and the same energy and commitment.

We look forward to seeing you at IKEA Greenwich in September – when we’ll all be more ready than ever to spark real change together.


ONE HOME, ONE PLANET (OHOP) is an action-orientated event hosted in an IKEA store. Over two days, it brings together 270 purpose-driven, ideas-led doers, thinkers and influencers from across different fields. Together, we work within our sphere of influence, to break down the barriers to solving the key social and environmental challenges facing the world today. Our ultimate goal together is to inspire action and spark change in the areas of resource scarcity, climate change and growing inequality and injustice.


IKEA Greenwich

This year, we’ll be hosting OHOP in our leading sustainable store. 

We’re looking forward to spending these days together – and to collaborating to spark change!

(Note, if you’re an Ingka co-worker, we’re also adding an extra day, just for you).

The OHOP 2020 collaboration topics

Making  healthy and sustainable living accessible for as many people as possible as we transition towards sustainable consumption. 

Accelerating the transition towards  renewable energy in society. 

Business fostering inclusiveness and fair treatment of all people.

Envisioning the role business can play in the world beyond 2030 to ensure that people and the planet thrive.

Confirmed speakers so far…


Christiana Figueres

Former Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2010-16

A leading figure in delivering the historic Paris Agreement, Ms Figueres is a founding partner of purpose-driven enterprise, Global Optimism Ltd. She also convenes Mission 2020 and co-chairs the Global Covenant of Mayors.


Jessy Tolkan

Partner, Chief Campaigns Officer and Executive Director, Purpose Labs

Having spent over 18 years building people-powered movements – from climate change to voting rights – Jessy specialises in unlocking new strategies for creating transformative and lasting change. She has consulted with some of the leading social change organisations in the US.


Kyle Nel

Executive Vice President, Uncommon Partners Lab at Singularity University

Former CEO and co-founder of transformation company Uncommon Partners, Kyle is the co-author of Harvard Business Review Press title ‘Leading Transformation’. Using tools like applied neuroscience, his multi-disciplinary behavioural transformation approach helps organisations break out of incrementalism.

Jeremy Rifkin

Author, Economic and Social Theorist; Advisor to the European Union and Heads of State; President, the Foundation on Economic Trends

Author of 21 bestselling books on the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, workforce, society and environment, Mr Rifkin’s 'The Third Industrial Revolution' (2011) provided the blueprint for Germany's low-carbon economy transition and China's strategic acceptance of climate policy.

Rebecca Marmot

Chief Sustainability Officer, Unilever and Non-Executive Director, Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor

Responsible for driving transformational change within Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, Rebecca works, through advocacy and partnerships, on priority areas such as climate change and eliminating deforestation; sustainable agriculture & smallholder farmers; water, sanitation and hygiene; and opportunities for women.

Mariana Mazzucato

Professor and Chair, Economics of Innovation and Public Value, University College London; Founder/Director, the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Professor Mazzucato’s work focuses on the relationship between innovation and the direction of growth by rethinking the public sector’s role towards more innovation-led, inclusive and sustainable growth. She advises global policymakers, and has authored books including ‘The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy’ (2018).

Julia Kumari Drapkin

Founder and CEO, ISeeChange

Dedicated to connecting communities to each other and their environment, Julia founded ISeeChange to mobilise people to share climate impact stories and microdata, in order to inform and improve climate adaptation and infrastructure design. Prior to this, she spent a decade reporting on climate change across the globe – including her own Gulf Coast home – and before that, carried out anthropology research in Central America.

Lauren Singer

Founder and CEO, Package Free and Trash is for Tossers

Former Sustainability Manager at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, and populariser and pioneer of the Zero Waste Movement, the trash Lauren has produced in the past eight years fits inside a 16oz mason jar. Her company, Package Free, offers products to help people reduce their waste daily, while her zero-waste editorial platform, Trash is for Tossers, shows living a low- or zero-waste lifestyle can be cost-effective, accessible and fun.

Melati Wijsen

Founder, Bye Bye Plastic Bags and One Island One Voice

A 19-year-old Indonesian/Dutch activist, changemaker and youth movement leader, in 2013 Melati Wijsen co-founded, aged 12, Bye Bye Plastic Bags with her younger sister Isabel. A graduate of Green School Bali, she also founded One Island One Voice in 2015, a movement to lead Bali-based businesses in saying no to single-use plastic bags. Last year, following a six-year battle, the Balinese government officially banned plastic bags, straws and styrofoam. Melati has spoken on stages at TED, the EU Parliament in Brussels, the UN in New York and the World Economic Forum.

Our format:
two days,
three modules

The Town Hall

Plenary-format thought leadership by bright minds and creatives, to frame our challenges and opportunities in a way that stretches our way of thinking, and inspires action and participation.

The Action Space

An exhibition – largely of IKEA actions – on the challenging topics that need our focus in order for barriers to be dismantled. This leads us into the Collaboration Labs.

The Collaboration Labs

Deep-dive collaboration sessions, to break down barriers to solving key people and planet challenges within the IKEA sphere of influence, that benefit both our business and the world.

”That is how you set up and run an event”

– Filippo Grandi, High Commissioner, UNHCR

”An extremely well organised and thought-through event. Congratulations”

– Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2010-16

”I learned a lot about how to think differently, what’s possible, what holds us back, what IKEA can do and how much it values its corporate culture”

– Mathis Wackernagel, Ph.D., Founder and President, Global Footprint Network

”Two energising and extremely mind-blowing days, that gave us a lot of hope for our collective ability to act and do more!”

– Rahel Damamme, Stakeholder Engagement & Sustainability Prospective Manager, Decathalon

Our journey since OHOP 2019

At OHOP 2019, we examined how we might unleash the capabilities of migrants and refugees, to create value for host communities. This set the base for a framework on how to support the development of refugees’ skills, which has since become a flat-pack, ready-to-implement solution that was launched to our markets in September 2019.

At OHOP 2019, we explored how big business and social entrepreneurs can collabotrate in new ways, to maximise positive impact in society. The need for Ingka Group to develop a framework for social entrepreneurs became clear, which is now planned for launch in 2020.

At OHOP 2019, we discussed how we might measure and communicate the impact of our actions on people and planet. This helped frame the development of a new internal measurement tool when it comes to our people and planet initiatives.

At OHOP 2019, we examined how new business models can enable people to live within the limits of the planet. This showed us that we are on the right track with our innovation projects, and some of the input has been integrated into the clean energy, urban farming and circular tests that are being conducted in our markets during 2019 and 2020.