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Ingka Investments

About Ingka Investments

We are Ingka Investments – one of the three core businesses of Ingka Group, the largest owner and operator of IKEA Retail. We invest with impact, generating lasting financial returns while demonstrating positive impact for our customers and the environment. We invest for the generations to come, creating a better everyday life for the many.

Our investment approach

We take a conscious, dynamic investment approach. It combines handling resources respectfully, while supporting the growth of innovative companies. It sees us invest with relevance for our overall business, while thinking in generations and not quarters. And it has its foundation in one of the world’s biggest brands – a brand that’s committed to investing with purpose.

As the investments arm of a major home furnishing retailer, we are here to offer access to deep knowledge and understanding of home furnishing and to connect entrepreneurs to a vast and diverse network of partners.

Our three investment movements

We carefully balance our investment activities across three key strategic movements. It’s how we secure Ingka Group’s financial resilience, help to grow companies that boost our business developments and innovate in areas IKEA wants to strengthen, and create a sustainable future.

Financial resilience

We safeguard, strengthen and prioritise the liquidity of Ingka Group for the long term. With purposeful investments, we work to preserve value, investing in secure assets that maintain their value and create additional cashflow for Ingka Group.

We actively screen – both negatively and positively – so our portfolios maintain close alignment with our objectives. We keep the option open to divest if this is no longer the case.

To find out more about how we invest for financial resilience, head to our investment stories.

Business development

We support creating the IKEA of the future. Through both minority investments and acquisitions, in both early stage and mature companies, we play an active role in accelerating the transformation and growth of Ingka Group. We invest in people before companies, only acquiring or investing in businesses that share the IKEA values and vision.

The combination of these interests means a broad investment landscape for us at Ingka Investments – one in which our financial risk and return profile is diversified.

Curious to know more about how we invest to develop the IKEA business? Explore our investment stories.

Sustainable future

We believe that the IKEA vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people gives us both a unique opportunity and an important responsibility to make a positive contribution to people and planet through our investments.

We invest in businesses that support IKEA to become climate positive and regenerate resources by 2030. It’s also why we contribute meaningfully to the goal of all Ingka Group operations running solely on renewable energy by 2025.

We seek to invest in geographies where Ingka Group has business operations – this is currently 32 countries in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Interested in our sustainable future activities? See our investment stories.

Explore some of our investment focus areas:

Our investments

We’ve invested in over 25 innovative companies, from startups to growth companies. Some of our minority investments are listed here.

Seedlings of pak choi, beetroot and amaranth growing under artificial sunlight.

Click & Grow

A builder of smart gardens; allowing users to grow plants year-round.
Customer getting a delivery from IKEA at their home.

Fluid truck

Fluid Truck is a technology-based truck sharing platform enabling small & mid-sized businesses, as well as consumers, to rent commercial vans, trucks, and electric vehicles in only a few minutes with their mobile device – 24/7, 365 days year.
Waste-bins from IKEA made from recycled materials


Provider of mechanical plastic recycling services, and one of Europe’s largest producers of high-grade recycled raw materials.
Electric vehicle parked outside an apartment building in a city.


A transport and tech company that combines flexible logistics solutions and state-of-the-art technology, to increase efficiency, improve customer experiences and reduce transport's carbon footprint.
Woman enjoying her lunch on a sunny day in an IKEA plastic food container.

Next Generation Recycling

A machine and technology provider of future-orientated, intelligent plastic recycling technologies for the sustainable treatment of plastic materials.
Customer returning a product at an IKEA store.


A technology company that connects a seamless online returns experience with efficient supply chain processing and resale for returns and trade-ins, offering solutions for retailers and brands looking to improve outcomes across all points in the returns process.


The developer of Magnetic Density Separation based sorting solutions, using engineered magnets and ferromagnetic fluid to recover post-consumer mixed plastics.
woman standing by a lake.


A location reference system based on a global grid of 3mx3m squares; each square has a unique combination of three words which can be used to find and share exact locations.
Family enjoying a meal at IKEA


The builder of artificial intelligence tools to help chefs measure food waste, providing transparent and measurable data.

Our investment stories

Whether about minority investments, partnerships or acquisitions, the stories of our investment activities build a fuller picture of Ingka Investments as a company. Start exploring them to get to know us.

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