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Better lives

Better lives

People are at the heart of everything we do. We want to take a leading role in creating a fairer and more equal society and improving the lives of the millions of people that interact with, or are impacted by, our company. 

Starting with our co-workers and supply chain, and extending to our customers, neighbourhoods, communities and society at large, we are determined to be a force for good.

The unique IKEA spirit manifests itself in our culture and values, which are at the heart of our way of being and doing things.

Respecting human rights

We are committed to promoting and supporting a world where human rights are a reality for all. We put respect for human rights at the heart of our business, integrating it into our strategies, policies and processes.  

Our respect for human rights encompasses our co-workers, customers, workers in our supply chain and our neighbours – in fact, everyone our business touches.  

  • Respecting and supporting children 
  • Protecting workers’ rights in a changing world 
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Our co-workers

IKEA is made by down-to-earth, straightforward people sharing the same vision.  

We believe that creating better lives for the many people starts with our co-workers – because everyone has talent, and everyone must have the opportunity to grow and reach their best potential in a safe, fair and inclusive workplace.  

We are building our business for today’s and future generations – by attracting and rewarding people who share our values, working to create a meaningful, inclusive workplace where we can all be ourselves, develop and grow, and where everyone is equipped to take care of our business, our customers, and each other. Our people strategy aims to prepare us as individuals – and collectively as an organisation – to thrive.   

  • Caring for our people 
  • Living our values 
  • Fair, equal, inclusive 
  • Lifelong learning 
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Neighbourhoods and communities

We want to create a positive impact for everyone across our value chain and beyond, and that means supporting the neighbourhoods in which we operate and where our co-workers and customers live. Everyone deserves a better home, a better life and a better planet.  

We’ve worked in partnerships with community organisations for many years to find solutions to local social and environmental challenges and to have a lasting positive impact on our communities.  

Everyone has talent and potential – but too many people struggle to get into the labour market. We support people who lack skills or experience, or face other barriers, in finding work – including refugees and social entrepreneurs.  

  • Responding to emergencies 
  • A Place Called Home 
  • Developing skills for empoyment 
  • Partnering with social entrepreneurs 
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Our suppliers

We work with thousands of suppliers to run our business – from companies providing construction, security and cleaning services, to home delivery providers and product assembly businesses. We want to pick suppliers and service providers who share our values, uphold our standards and seek to have a positive impact on societies and communities.  

Our suppliers must adopt the IKEA supplier code of conduct – known as IWAY – and ensure their own suppliers understand and apply our standards too. 

  • IWAY our supplier standards 
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