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Woman getting help from IKEA employee in the kitchen department.

IKEA Retail

Reaching people where they are

IKEA Retail is our core business, which consists of more than 482 IKEA stores and planning studios in 31 countries around the globe.

Every year, we welcome more than 680 million customers in our stores and around 3.8 billion on, amounting to retail sales of EUR 39.5 billion in FY22. Yet we never stop working to improve our services and become more accessible for the many people. To meet their expectations, we’re investing in new and existing channels, innovative store formats and digital platforms.

Woman browsing on her phone.

A new IKEA

A rapidly changing world means rapidly changing needs. So, we are also changing. In fact, as part of the biggest transformation in IKEA history, we’re renewing our business model completely. 

Every part of our business is being improved – from customer experience to how our company is structured. The aim is to become more convenient and more affordable for our customers, and more sustainable for our planet. 

To guide us, we have our Retail Direction: 10 jobs in three years, where we’ve listed the most important jobs we need to do to create a new IKEA:

woman holding an IKEA bag.

IKEA Retail in numbers:

  • 482 IKEA stores, 8 city stores and 103 other formats
  • 680 million IKEA store visits
  • 3.8 billion visits to
  • 20.3 million downloads of the IKEA app
Family testing out different chairs in the IKEA wearhouse.