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Technology 4 February 2021

Changing the game: IKEA Digital Days

IKEA Digital Days – an event for IKEA co-workers from across the world – took place this week and over the three days people, technology and insights from the entire IKEA value chain came together to drive business movements.

The story of Digital Days began in Shanghai in 2018, before growing into a three-day event in Copenhagen in 2019. This year’s event was hosted digitally but still offered the unique opportunity for curious IKEA co-workers, leaders and influencers to connect to learn, explore and get inspired by the digital world of IKEA.   
The event themes focused on: 

  • Transforming together. Exploring how co-workers can kraftsamla (meaning joining forces in Swedish) to better meet customer needs, and examine how to embrace technology to connect, liberate and empower co-workers. 
  • Change with a meaning. Asking the question how IKEA can put people first by creating an excellent experience for them and what it takes to be a humanistic technology leader.  
  • Stepping into the future. By digging deep into how the home will evolve, asking: what can IKEA predict of customers’ changing needs and expectations? And, of the many innovations and trends out there, which will be relevant for our future? 

The event is an opportunity for IKEA to showcase how the blend of digital capabilities and its life at home knowledge creates business opportunities. 

Attendees heard from many internal and externals speakers, watched panel discussions and took part in breakout sessions on a range of innovative topics, such as data ethics, inclusivity, technology’s role in creating a better everyday life for people. 

Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Digital Officer of Ingka Group sent a strong message to audiences during the first day: “It is during this crisis that we have the opportunity to transform and accelerate whoever we want to become. This is the time new ideas are created, new companies are created, and new dreams to get to a future that is more sustainable, more human and more equal, are formed. This is the time to shape our future, to lead it proactively. And technology is here to build a better future.” 

The impact of digital technology can be seen today in the biggest transformation in IKEA history, with the aim to become more convenient, affordable and sustainable for the many people.  

Gaston Rohaly, Project Lead for event said: “IKEA Digital Days is a fantastic opportunity to bring together our digital network of co-workers, leaders and influencers from across the world to celebrate what we have learned, understand future potential and prepare for the next phase of our digital transformation.” 
Digital offers many opportunities, such as driving sustainable growth through incredible customer experiences and lifetime value, achieving increased productivity across the IKEA value chain and succeeding at lowering costs.   Today’s consumers live in a connected world, and most of them shop omnichannel. Home is more important than ever. They are asking for products that create a better life and a seamless experience, to be known and to be served in a personalised way. Digital can have a big part to play in that experience. 
During the pandemic, IKEA has continued to be accessible for its customers even if they couldn’t visit stores. There were 3.6 billion visits to in FY20 (1 September 2019 – 31 August 2020), equalling an extra billion visits compared to the year before.  
Over the year online sales grew by 60%, a 12% increase on the year before. While in total, online sales made up 18% of Ingka Group sales.

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