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Life at Home 28 February 2023

IKEA is “Assembling the Future Together” in Fuorisalone 2023

In keeping with this year's theme of “the future”, IKEA is bringing its futuristic interpretation of life at home to Fuorisalone 2023, with a journey that spans the brand’s 80-year history and celebrates the changes that IKEA has brought – and continues to bring – to people’s homes.

Assembling the future together and celebrating 80 years of innovation. This is the story that IKEA – which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year – will tell at Fuorisalone 2023. Hosted at Padiglione Visconti on Via Tortona in the heart of Milan’s design district, the brand’s exhibition will be a completely re-imagined space designed to spark curiosity and inspire visitors.

Marcus Engman, Creative Director at Ingka Group (IKEA Retail) says, “Milan Design Week is always a big moment for IKEA, and this year we will celebrate the decades that have made us, as well as showcasing a taster of what’s to come. As Ingvar Kamprad said ‘Most things remain to be done. Glorious Future’.”

Inside the venue, the public will be greeted with the iconic products that shaped each decade of the brand’s history, alongside the unveiling of new products that speak to the IKEA vision for the future. There will also be an area dedicated to the latest findings of the Life at Home Report, the annual IKEA research study. Renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz is scheduled to attend the event for special programming in connection with her role as IKEA Artist in Residence for the Life at Home Report, a partnership announced earlier this year.

Since it was founded in 1943, IKEA has had the vision to create a better everyday life for the many people, interpreting the needs of people from all over the world and transforming these needs into home furnishing products and solutions to improve the lives that people lead within the walls of their homes. As a curious and future-looking brand, IKEA has led a revolution in the world of home furnishings. “We have spent eighty years listening to people and what their life at home needs are. Nobody can say for sure what the future will bring, but one thing that is clear to us is that if we are going to assemble the future, we will need to do it together.” Engman continues.

The exhibition “Assembling the Future Together” will feature this innovation, the ability to be a force for positive change and connection to people that has always been characteristic of IKEA. Visitors will have all five senses stimulated with an immersive journey of discovery spanning 80 years of innovations and solutions that have shaped the future of living, offering a glimpse of what life at home could look like in the years to come.

The IKEA exhibition will also offer plenty of entertainment. Each day, visitors will have the chance to try traditional Swedish food at the bar inside the space, and in the evenings, the venue will be completely transformed, with IKEA continuing to focus on music and cultural expression. The nightly music programme will be a platform for emerging and established Italian sound creatives to empower the youth and embrace the electronic music scene.

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