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IKEA Retail Technology 7 October 2019

IKEA Canada brings child safety into the forefront with ‘Safer Home’ app

Children are the most important people in the world, so their safety comes first. Research, however, shows a majority of infantile injuries tend to happen at home. IKEA Retail Canada has hence launched a new mobile application to raise awareness about home safety for families living with children. 

Called Safer Home, the app has been developed by IKEA to help families create a safer life at home and discover what are often ignored, commonplaces of danger. The app allows parents and caregivers to browse through different areas of the home for identifying potential risks, get access to crucial safety tips, create to-do safety lists and track progress. 

As children often tend to explore on their own, the app identifies safety risks across a range of development stages starting from 0-7 years of age and delivers new content according to the changing safety needs, which evolve as the child grows up.

“At IKEA, we want to take a leading role in empowering families to live a safer life at home,” said Michael Ward, CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA Retail Canada. “The Safer Home app offers simple, straightforward steps that everyone can take to ensure their home is a safe environment for children.”

The IKEA Safer Home app is free to use and is now available for download via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

For IKEA, product safety is a crucial part of its product development and design process. See how IKEA puts a special focus on children’s products, which must meet the highest standards of quality and safety worldwide. 

For more information, visit the IKEA Canada Media Room.  

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