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IKEA shares list of policy asks in advance of EU elections

From Thursday onwards, Europeans in 27 countries go to the polls to decide the direction of the EU over the next five years. As a proud European company, IKEA has developed a list of policy asks for policymakers encompassing three core pillars: 

  • Enabling the transition to a circular and climate neutral Europe, 
  • Building EU competitiveness from within to stand out on the global stage, and 
  • Fostering better corporate behaviour. 

As a stubborn optimist, IKEA believes in people and the power of working together, “tillsammans” as it is said in Swedish. IKEA knows that we are at our best when we trust each other and pull in the same direction, leading by example, and getting things done. It is at the very heart of the IKEA culture. 

IKEA believes that Europe’s future economy is rooted in incentivising innovative and progressive business practices, continually working to remove unnecessary burdens and inefficiencies, and ensuring long-term competitiveness. IKEA urges the next EU legislature to promote the adoption of just and sustainable businesses models, with a renewed focus on circularity, championing a strong open trade agenda as a dependable partner on the world stage, and responsibly leveraging the transformative potential of AI, data, and digital technologies. IKEA has a responsibility to play it’s part in solving some of the many challenges facing it’s business and the world. Yet IKEA ability to deliver on it’s goals is greatly impacted by the policy-making environment and frameworks we all work within. In the manifesto attached, IKEA lists several priorities that it feels are important for the EU to consider in the next historic five years.​ 

​Together, IKEA believes we can create a better future, but businesses need the support of a policy framework that has sustainability and people at its center. IKEA wants to contribute to the future policy-making discussions as a constructive partner, tillsammans, invested in Europe’s long-term success. 

For further information on IKEA policy asks, please find IKEA detailed manifesto attached below. 


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Tillsammans - IKEA Key EU Asks

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