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IKEA Retail Technology 30 January 2020

Ingka Group launches data promise to customers

Every aspect of Ingka Group’s business is driven and inspired by the IKEA vision: To create a better everyday life for the many people. And, this endeavor means that Ingka Group is increasingly embracing the potential of data and digital solutions, which help in making life simpler, more affordable and more sustainable for customers. 

On January 30, Ingka Group launched The Customer Data Promise, its first step on its journey to develop a set of principles and approach to how it uses data. This Customer Data Promise is the company’s approach to ensure that it is putting people first in all data-driven processes. Ingka Group wants to provide customers with understanding, control and ability to make decisions about their data – a revolutionary user experience with people centricity at its core.

“IKEA is known for democratic design and we believe that what we are doing is taking it to the next step. You do your part and we do our part and together we create value. We are establishing a dialogue around people preferences, giving control back to them. And hopefully creating a win-win situation with regards to data. We believe that a better life starts at home and we are committed to have people feel as safe online as they do at home,” says Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Digital Officer, Ingka Group.

Customers will see a centralized data control panel in the app, where they can change and personalize their inspirational feed and get contextual access to their data settings. Ingka Group is developing functionalities in the IKEA app, which will be released in April and will be available in France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain initially.

“For many years, companies have been collecting customers’ information, building intelligence on it, and extracting value because they could. Now, we are asking whether they should. Companies sometimes are operating as if customer data was their own information. Its time to have a win-win relationship for people and companies around their own data and give control back to the many people,” says Coppola.

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Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Digital Officer, Ingka Group

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