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Sustainability 6 May 2021

Ingka Group wood-based products come from more sustainable sources

In FY20 The IKEA business reached its goal of only using customer facing wood-based products, including paper and cardboard, from more sustainable sources. Today, close to 100 % of the wood used in these products is either FSC-certified or recycled. Wood is one of the main materials in IKEA products and an essential part of the IKEA heritage. It is durable, renewable recyclable and beautiful.  

Ingka Group, as the largest franchisee in the IKEA franchise system, is responsible for all the indirect products purchased to support retail store operations. As such, the company has set the same ambitious requirements for indirect purchases of wood based products, and have made important contributions towards reaching the overall goal of the IKEA business.

Although the purchases done by Ingka Group only make up a small part of the full IKEA scope, it still represents a substantial amount, and the purchases are spread over many different countries. Suppliers are now required to deliver customer facing products that are either FSC certified or recycled. Although Ingka Group can only require this for the products they purchase, it’s a good opportunity to help suppliers transition their operations to only use wood from more sustainable sources.

“We are really happy that we’ve come this far. Today close to 100 percent of our suppliers deliver wood, paper and cardboard based products that all come from more sustainable sources, including receipts, toilet paper and e-commerce packaging. We’ve been able to achieve this through systematic work, integrating it into the day to day business of the procurement teams and making it part of our contractual requirements. Now we continue working towards our next goal – maintaining what we have achieved, and having all our indirect wood based products and materials coming from more sustainable sources in 2025”, says Per Stoltz, Sustainability Leader, Ingka Group.

The IKEA business recently announced its new Forest Positive Agenda for 2030. This includes improving biodiversity, supporting the rights and needs of people who depend on forests across the whole supply chain, driving innovation to use wood in smarter ways, storing carbon for as long as possible and continuing to only use wood from more sustainable sources, certified by the most credible, global third party certification systems. Ingka Group continues to work closely together with the rest of the business to achieve this by 2030. 

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