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IKEA Retail 27 February 2020

New IKEA city format in Oslo designed to meet changing customer needs

A planning studio opening in Oslo is the latest example of IKEA meeting the increasing customer needs and expectations around accessibility, affordability and sustainability.

An effort to be closer to where the many people live and/or work has seen a number of new store formats open over the last few years. The IKEA Planning Studio Akersgata was the latest to open on Feb. 27, it is located in the heart of the Norwegian capital, close to the Parliament of Norway and a subway station.

In many countries, there is a great potential to grow with a variety of IKEA formats, locations and digital customer meeting points that complement each other and meet different needs at different times.

IKEA is adding a mix of existing and new formats – like in Oslo – including stores and planning studios for more complex purchases like kitchens and bedrooms, whilst closely integrating with an improved digital experience. 

Oslo is Norway’s biggest market and the opening reacts to the needs of the local population. With a convenient location, customers don’t need a car but they can get a personalised service from expert co-workers, while they will receive products to their door the next day.

“With IKEA Planning Studio Akersgata, we aim to create a seamless and convenient shopping experience for complex solutions. The solutions on display are kitchens, bedroom storage, bathrooms and Home Smart products. Both pre-booked customers and drop-in visitors are welcome in the Planning Studio.” IKEA Akersgata Planning Studio Unit Manager Even Kvalheim explains.

Seminars and events will be hosted at IKEA Akersgata too, while the studio will also offer inspiration through product news and season related products. The customers can receive help with planning rooms and homes and get inspired by the solutions on display.

IKEA Planning Studios have previously opened in London, Madrid, Moscow, New York and Paris, to name a few, and many more will follow over the next few years. 

As part of a city expansion focus, alongside digital and physical formats and customer meeting points, IKEA is working to ensure the vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people is being met.

Read more about IKEA store formats and how new formats are bringing IKEA closer to where people live, work and socialise. 

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