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Putting people and planet first with the help of technology

Last week the World Economic Forum, WEF, hosted a Global Technology Governance Summit, together with the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) Network, comprising of more than 40 governments and international organisations as well as 150 companies worldwide. At the summit, Ingka Group’s Chief Digital Officer, Barbara Martin Coppola, spoke about using data to drive circular growth and using digitalisation to reach the company’s mission. 

Climate change is no longer a distant threat, but a visible reality impacting the lives of many millions of people around the world. As part of the IKEA People & Planet Positive strategy, IKEA is committed to becoming climate positive by 2030, reducing more GHG emissions than our value chain emits, while growing the IKEA business. In order to achieve this, we will be highly reliant on our ability to harness the power of technology and data in a way that creates a positive impact for the many people.

IKEA and the Ingka Group Digital Team are already in the process of rapid digitalisation to help achieve our mission. Here are some of the areas:

  • Data and tech are essential for any advancement in sustainability, whether it is for circular business models, green energy or material research. At IKEA, we know that firsthand. For the total IKEA value chain and franchise system, technology was used to record the reduction in the FY19 IKEA carbon footprint.
  • To enable change, our data must be available and actionable. We have developed a dashboard that makes our sustainability data actionable, so managers across the whole business are empowered to track and improve their sustainability performance.
  • Companies must support their customers to adopt healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. Households are connected to around 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions, consuming one third of the energy and 10% of the water used globally – with our reach into so many people’s homes – we can have a huge impact.

“IKEA is committed to become circular and climate positive by 2030. That means we are embedding sustainability in all parts of our business. We have set ourselves a goal to have 1 billion people to live more sustainable and healthy lives by 2030. By inspiring people to build a sustainable life, IKEA can have a large impact,” said Martin Coppola.

WEF Global Technology Governance Summit.

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Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Digital Officer, Ingka Group

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