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Sustainability 22 July 2021

The Oracle – a podcast where passionate people discuss global challenges

IKEA is stepping outside the four walls of the home and will for the first time collaborate with an entire city, to explore solutions that will help create a better life at home.

The H22 City Expo will take place in Helsingborg, Sweden, 30 May-3 July, 2022, as one of four global IKEA projects during FY22. IKEA will explore the wider definition of ”home”, including the communities people belong to, the neighborhoods they live in, and how IKEA can contribute and become an active partner in developing these communities and neighbourhoods. 

As a part of the H22 project, IKEA has launched a podcast where passionate people share their visions for how we can meet today’s global challenges.

The podcast, The Oracle, aired its first episode already back in February, and since then a wide range of experts, from areas such as architecture, medicine, farming and design, have shared their point of view on the real problems we are facing. And they tell us why we have reasons to be optimistic.

A popular episode is the one with Micael Dahlen, Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, author and public speaker.

“My episode is about how life, big and small, can become better in the coming decades, starting with the pandemic. The pandemic has become the world’s biggest experiment where everything from our routines, to how we hang out, work and live, to the entire national economy, have been turned upside down. The professor in me is super curious of the results of this experiment”, says Micael Dahlen. 

The podcast is just one of many things created as part of the H22 partnership. The whole journey can be followed on the website and Instagram

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