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Our supervisory board

The Supervisory Board of Ingka Holding B.V. is responsible for supervising, monitoring and advising the work of our Management Board.

Ingka Group Supervisory Board

Based on the recommendations from Management Board, Supervisory Board approves, amongst others, the strategic plan, the main directions and budget of the Ingka Group.

During FY18, Göran Lindahl resigned from the Ingka Holding B.V. Supervisory Board, with effect as of 21 November 2017.

As per 31 August 2018, the Supervisory
Board of Ingka Holding B.V. consists of (from top left to bottom right);
Lars-Johan Jarnheimer (Chairman),
Stina Bergfors, Luisa Delgado, Tore
Bertilsson, Ian Worling, Jonas
Kamprad, Mark Newton-Jones and Lone Fønss Schrøder.