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IKEA employee Nancy standing in the kitchen where she is the manager, wearing a blue work uniform smiling to the camera.

Supporting LGBT+ rights

At Ingka Group, we aim to create a diverse and inclusive workplace that truly reflects the communities in which we operate. We continue our pledge to increase ethnic, racial and national diversity at all levels of our workforce. We continue our long tradition of supporting LGBT+ rights. We foster a culture where co-workers feel safe to be themselves, are treated fairly and are given equal opportunities, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We also send out a global inclusion survey to ensure we’re building teams that are truly inclusive.

The back of a male IKEA employee walking through the store wearing a blue striped t-shirt with Hej! typed in yellow on the back.

It starts with human rights

Ingka advocates for equal rights. Through workplace policies and community advocacy at local and state levels, Ingka markets take the initiative to support laws aimed at equality. Reflecting the diverse society we live in is one step. We know that the sum of all our differences is what makes us better. At Ingka Group, we’re united in building a culture of diversity and inclusion and creating social impact on topics such as gender equality, human rights, fairness and equality, LGBT+ inclusion, ethnicity, race and nationality, people with disabilities, age and generations. As a company and an ally, we believe we can inspire people to embrace the same mindset.

Marking IDAHOBIT and celebrating Pride

As a part of our People Communication approach, ‘We’re better together’, we mark IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia) and support Pride celebrations around the globe each year. This year, we are sending out a message that Love starts at home as part of our ongoing commitment to share stories from real people in the LGBT+ community.

Advocating for LGBT+ inclusion

Our ongoing efforts focus on being an advocate for LGBT+ people and fostering an environment where they feel welcome, respected, and appreciated for who they are. We have global guidelines on LGBT+ and Transgender inclusion. And many of our retail markets are also advocating for change. A few actions they have been taken are:

IKEA Netherlands: Provides the option for 24 weeks of paid leave over a 10-year period for co-workers undergoing gender-affirming care. This leave includes medical and non-medical procedures.

IKEA Switzerland: Introduced same-sex paternity leave after being a leading voice in national public debates on the vote to extend paternity leave and marriage equality.

IKEA US and IKEA Canada: Successfully implemented the Chosen Name Project allowing trans and non-binary co-workers to use their preferred names on our digital platforms. Additionally, IKEA US now offers reimbursement for travel expenses related to gender-affirmation care.

Teaching—and still learning

There are many terms specific to the LGBT+ community. We recognise that using inclusive language and appropriate terms is a form of allyship, acceptance and respect. Therefore, we have compiled an LGBT+ glossary that we continuously update. It is a valuable resource for our co-workers and the public. As a part of our efforts, we have also created a series of actions through Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme.

More than a policy

At Ingka Group, our commitment to LGBT+ diversity and inclusion is more than just a policy. It’s an ongoing commitment to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace because representation matters. It’s actions within our markets that advocate for a change in laws that back equality and fairness. It’s teaching those who listen to us and listening to learn more.

Did you know

There are many terms specific to the LGBT+ community.