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A group of friends holding veggie hotdogs.

Our plant-based movement

To help the many people live a more sustainable and healthy life, we make it easier for them to choose meat-free options by offering delicious, plant-based food at a low price.

Healthier (and tastier) options

“Our first priority is to make the plant- based options tasty,” says Catarina Englund, Sustainability Innovation and Development Leader, Ingka Group, part of the team working to put more meat alternatives on the menu in our IKEA stores.

“The plant-based options we provide aren’t just for vegetarians – we want everyone to love them. And because millions of IKEA customers around the world enjoy the food in our restaurants, we can play a part in more people experiencing delicious, satisfying, healthy and affordable planet-friendly food.”

Food for thought

This innovation is about more than expanding our menu offer. Agriculture and food production account for at least 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with livestock rearing alone contributing 14%1. And diets high in meat and dairy have also been linked to obesity, heart disease and colon cancer2. As the world’s population grows, we need to find new ways to meet the demand for food that is better for people and the planet.

Our IKEA stores in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland have already tested dishes made with plant-based proteins in co-worker restaurants. And now IKEA Retail Sweden has taken the next step, offering customers a vegetarian herb lasagne and pesto rosso based on yellow peas and oats, which are a great source of protein and fibre.

Plant-based dishes are becoming a regular fixture on local Swedish menus, with new dishes being added and special promotions to highlight them to customers, such as discounts for IKEA Family members.

Soon, all our IKEA stores will follow their lead, and chefs in our customer restaurants will be able to draw inspiration from a recipe bank that includes taco green, chili sin carne, Japanese teriyaki, Bolognese and Thai curry.

1) Source: IPCC (2014) Exit based on global emissions from 2010. Details about the sources included in these estimates can be found in the Contribution of Working Group III to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

2) RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the future 9+ billion – Literature review survey, August 2015. Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer. World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research, 1-517, 2007.

The new IKEA veggie hot dog

In 2015, IKEA launched a veggie ball, as an alternative to the iconic Swedish meatball, developed as part of the global food range by Inter IKEA Group. Now customers looking for a quick, tasty bite can enjoy a new twist on another classic: a plant-based veggie hot dog made with kale, red lentils, carrots, ginger, quinoa, onion, potatoes, and various spices served with mustard, red cabbage and roasted onion. As well as being delicious, it has a carbon footprint seven times smaller than the original hot dog. Some 1 million veggie dogs were sold in Ingka Group markets across Europe and the US during August and September 2018, the first two months since its launch. Soon, this new addition to our menu will be available in all 30 Ingka Group markets.


Read more about our efforts and achievements in our Annual & Sustainability Summary Report for FY18.

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