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A group of friends holding veggie hotdogs.

Our plant-based movement

We aim to provide healthy and sustainable food for our customers and co-workers in the IKEA Restaurants, IKEA Bistros and Swedish Food Markets.

From sustainably sourced ingredients to meat-free options and locally grown produce, we want to promote the benefits of  food that tastes great and is better for the planet too. The IKEA Food range, sourced and supplied by Inter IKEA Group, includes a variety of sustainably sourced options from organic rapeseed oil to responsibly farmed seafood and certified coffee and cocoa. We’re increasing the information we provide on our food and sourcing to highlight our sustainable products to customers.

“By providing delicious and attractive plant-based food, we can encourage more people to become ‘flexitarians’ – reducing the amount of meat they eat to lower their carbon footprint.”
Catarina Englund, Innovation and Development Leader, Ingka Group

We’re working to further develop our food range strategy, with the aim of offering our customers a wider range of healthy, sustainable and affordable food options in our country-specific food offers. During FY19, around half the food we sold in our IKEA stores was sourced directly by Ingka Group and the rest was supplied by Inter

IKEA Group. By the end of FY20, we expect that all the food we offer in our IKEA stores will be supplied by Inter IKEA Group and we’ll no longer source food directly.

Meat-free meals

With meat production accounting for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions*, eating less meat is one important way we can all reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve offered options for our vegetarian customers for many years such as veggie balls and veggie hot dogs. Now we want to go further and encourage even more customers to
enjoy plant-based dishes.

At Ingka Group, we’ve developed 10 new tempting plant-based recipes that look good and taste good with lower carbon footprints. Each dish, such as our Italian herb lasagne, chili sin carne and meatfree kebabs, uses plant proteins derived from ingredients like oats and peas but with a texture that’s similar to meat. We’ve tested them in seven countries and they’ve proved popular with co-workers and customers. We’ll now roll them out as local dishes across all of our IKEA Retail countries, with each country offering at least one of the dishes in its IKEA Restaurants.

* Source: FAO,

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This article was originally published in our Annual Summary & Sustainability Report FY20.

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