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Culture and Co-Workers 14 December 2020

A global business commitment to racial and ethnic equality

Ingka Group commits to increase ethnic, racial and national diversity at all levels of leadership in 30 countries, by 2024, as a part of its Equality Plan.

Ingka Group will work towards three key objectives: Reflect the multicultural diversity of the communities and countries where it operates, at all levels of leadership. Advance underrepresented groups through equitable business practices. Enhance inclusion for co-workers of all ethnicities, races and nationalities. 

Special attention will be given to representation in management, including by employee category, in boards, as well as percentage of salaried vs. hourly co-workers.

The roots of this commitment can be found in the very essence of the Ingka Group business, the IKEA vision. A better everyday is also an equal everyday – at home, at work and everywhere in between. 

The current global conversations around ethnic and racial equality show that there is a way to go before everyone has an equal everyday. 

“As a purpose-led company, we have a role to play in advancing equality in society. As an employer committed to fair treatment and equal opportunities, we want all of our co-workers to know that IKEA is a place where people of all backgrounds can thrive. A more diverse IKEA will also enable us to better reflect, understand and serve our customer base’’ – said Ulrika Biesèrt, Global People & Culture Manager. 

Actions speak loudest
Some of the actions Ingka Group has developed to guide this work covering the workplace, business policies and in society are:

  • We will educate ourselves about ethnic and racial inequities, and how to go from colour-blind to colour-brave, embracing courageous conversations through a series of events. 
  • Through constant dialogue and learning together, we will move from awareness to action, setting KPIs and starting at the top. We will develop additional trainings to help interrupt unconscious racial bias and encourage attendance by all, and continue fostering inclusive behaviours by leaders and teams. 
  • We will use self-identification to collect diversity data, because we know that measurement is key in doing the work that matters. 
  • We will expand our approach on equal pay for work of equal value to include ethnicity and race, where legally possible. 
  • We will enhance efforts for equitable hiring and succession. We will introduce a global mentorship programme to advance underrepresented groups into leadership roles. 

“We will take a holistic approach across Ingka Group, and partner externally for impact to address root causes in society. Much of this work will be led through local iterations of our global approach – lasting solutions on ethnic, racial and national equality will be based on each country’s context, needs and strengths”, said Biesert. 


For further information, journalists and media professionals can contact us at or by calling +46 70 993 6376

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