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Reports 7 October 2019

IKEA Life at Home Report 2019: Privacy in crisis

Nearly a quarter of people globally say they are concerned that their privacy needs in the home are not being met, according to the IKEA Life at Home Report for 2019.

Commissioned by Ingka Group, the sixth annual report found that not getting access to privacy causes frustration (56%) and anxiety (35%). The need to take care of others, say 27% of people, is the biggest barrier to achieving privacy in their home 

The IKEA Life at Home Report 2019 shows that while 88% of those surveyed expect their homes to provide privacy, more than 1 in 4 (23%) said they are concerned about not getting enough privacy at home, leaving a privacy gap that could have serious implications for wellbeing. 

Privacy at home is considered a right by 85% of people globally. 

Katie McCrory, Life at Home Campaign Manager at Ingka Group, says: “Privacy is vital to our personal wellbeing, but for too many people it’s increasingly hard to come by. This points to a worrying impact on physical and mental health, given that lots of people are struggling to get the rest, focus, intimacy and freedom that only privacy can provide. It’s clear that our homes are often the best place to get privacy, but they can and must do more to become the sanctuaries we need and want.”

This year’s report involved more than 33,500 people in 35 countries, it builds a global picture of what privacy at home looks like, how it is best achieved and what this means for the role of the home in everyday life. 

You can view this year’s report and access previous findings at:

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