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Reports Sustainability 7 February 2022

Ingka Group enhances GHG emission transparency and integrity

IKEA is committed to the Paris Agreement and to contributing to limiting global warming to 1.5°C by becoming climate positive. This includes reaching net-zero emissions latest 2050 and halving the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in absolute terms from the total IKEA value chain by 2030. As part of this commitment, Ingka Group, as the largest IKEA franchisee has committed to leading with facts and has continually worked to further strengthen its reporting and transparency measures.

We believe that climate action and its impact must be transparent, and we welcome the dialogue and scrutiny of climate commitments and goals to secure that these are aligned with the science of 1.5°C. The newly published NewClimate Institute report is a constructive addition to that and points out the importance of external credible standards for definitions and reporting”, says Karol Gobczyński, Head of Climate & Energy, Ingka Group.

Ingka Group set science-based goals already in 2018 and are working with aligning them to the recently launched Net-zero Standard by Science Based Targets Initiative. The company supports the development of common frameworks to compare progress and will continue to further strengthen transparency and integrity of emissions reduction and net-zero targets.

The science is clear, we must act now to limit global warming to 1.5°C, by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and net-zero by 2050. We continually work with improving the quality and transparency of reporting to secure that our commitments and goals are aligned with the science of 1.5°C”, says Karol Gobczyński, Head of Climate & Energy, Ingka Group.

IKEA is committed to climate action and has already made progress. Since 2016, the Ingka Group business has grown by 17.6%, while the company has achieved a 6.5% climate footprint reduction across the value chain over the same period. Much remains to be done and there are plans in place to address remaining complex challenges, such as the climate footprint of the materials used in the IKEA range.

During financial year 2022, IKEA will align with the recently launched Net-zero Standard by Science Based Targets Initiative to secure that our climate goals across the value chain (scope 1, 2 and 3) are in line with the science of 1.5°C. An update will be included in next year’s Sustainability Report.

IKEA is taking action in the following areas across the value chain and beyond: 

1. Reducing the climate footprint from our operations through investing in securing renewable electricity consumption, electrification of heating in our buildings, use of biogas and continually improving efficiency.

2. Reducing the climate footprint from customer and co-worker travel and home deliveries, by moving to zero-emissions deliveries, offering EV chargers, opening locations closer to our customers and looking towards innovating with others incl. cities, governments and other businesses to enable sustainable mobility.

3. As the largest franchise retailer of IKEA products, we contribute to a reduction in the climate footprint of IKEA products and food, by:

  • promoting energy efficient products and those made using renewable and recycled materials to our customers, see Inspiring and enabling a better life at home.
  • enabling customers to use IKEA home furnishing products longer through circular services, as well as reducing our product waste, see Becoming circular.
  • providing vegetarian and plant-based food options such as veggie dogs and plant-balls, see Inspiring and enabling a better life at home.
  • providing renewable energy and recycled materials to some IKEA suppliers to enable them to reduce the climate footprint of products and services they supply to us.

4. Contributing to additional reductions of greenhouse gas emissions in society by going beyond the IKEA value chain. The contribution from going beyond IKEA does not contribute to the net-zero pathway, act as any carbon offset or is a part of our scope 1, 2 and 3 reporting. It is how we can achieve additional reductions in society compared to what’s required by the SBTi net-zero standard. Therefore, going beyond IKEA is not part of a net-zero claim, and additional activity to enable further reduction of the greenhouse gases emissions in society.

This year the Ingka Group Reporting was made even more accessible and is available in three different formats with the increased ambition to be even more transparent. The full Ingka Reporting FY21 is available here on the reporting hub. On the reporting hub, you can also find and download the Annual Summary FY21 – a short overview of highlights and progress towards our commitments, and the Data & Progress FY21 pdf with detailed data, policies and frameworks. More information is also available in the IKEA Sustainability Report FY21 and the IKEA Climate Report FY21.

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