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IKEA Retail 7 February 2020

IKEA set to come closer to the many people through different store formats

If you think visiting one IKEA store means you have seen them all, you are very much mistaken. A variety of new IKEA formats are opening to strengthen the brand’s relationships with customers and help bring IKEA closer to where people, live, work and socialise.

This year Ingka Group, a strategic partner in the IKEA franchise system, operating 374 IKEA stores in 30 countries, is looking to open more than 40 new IKEA customer meeting points. 

This week, IKEA Germany announced new touchpoints in Berlin. The two planning studios are due to open later in 2020 to add to the four existing IKEA stores in the city.
“We’ve had a great experience in the city, away from the greenfield sites, at our Altona store. Even so, the two planning studios in Pankow and Potsdam are completely new and original, which makes them especially exciting. This is the first time for us to implement this format in Germany,” says Dennis Balslev, Chief Executive Officer, IKEA Germany.
The expansion strategy means that customers have the possibility and convenience of visiting more formats than just the traditional blue box store.

Here is what each format is all about:
IKEA store 
•    Customers receive the full IKEA experience, the one they know and love! Co-workers are on hand to help and customers can try out the products and take them home immediately
•    Food offers complement the extensive product range available  
•    Over 370 IKEA stores, operated by Ingka Group, are open around the world! 
Smaller format IKEA store 
•    These formats are similar to the IKEA stores, but just a size smaller  
•    The small stores let customers experience the total IKEA offer of products, services and food comparable to the full size, but there is no self-serve furniture area or owned parking
•    They are conveniently located in the city, close to the customers and easily accessible by public transport
•    Customers can bring home products directly from the store, or have them delivered through various options 
•    You will find smaller format stores in Paris (IKEA La Madeleine) and Moscow (IKEA Khodynsk)
IKEA shop
•    An IKEA shop allows customers to explore a specific segment of our range. They are centrally located, and all products that can easily be carried are available on the day
•    IKEA shops also offer planning for the range in focus and support existing IKEA stores and e-commerce in the market 
•    IKEA shops can be found in Madrid and Poland  
IKEA planning studio
•    These centrally located planning studios offer customers personalised one-on-one advice from design specialists to help their ideal space
•    The offer focuses on solutions that usually require a bit of help, such as kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms
•    This offer is supported by a new digital IKEA with improved delivery, assembly and installation services
•    You will find planning studios in Copenhagen and London, New York City, Moscow, Stockholm and many more to come 

IKEA pick-up point 
•    Pick-up points make it easy for our customers to choose where and when they want to collect their purchases
•    It’s a convenient and affordable alternative to home delivery. The customer selects the pick-up point that suits them
IKEA pop-up
•    A pop-up opens for a limited time only and highlights a certain theme, event or message
•    They are accessible and affordable while providing the perfect opportunity for curious minds at IKEA to try out fun, bold and innovative ideas
•    An IKEA kitchen pop-up showroom opened in Stockholm in September 2017 and due to its overwhelming success is still open today 
The FY19 Ingka Group Annual Summary & Sustainability Report, including information on the new store formats, can be read here.

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