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Sustainability 10 November 2021

Ingka Group accelerates towards 100% zero emission cars and vans

Ingka Group is determined to lead the movement towards 100 percent zero emission and has committed to have 100 percent zero emission for home deliveries by 2025. Through the Climate Group, and as a member of EV100, Ingka Group has now signed a global declaration on accelerating the transition to 100 percent zero emission cars and vans.

The declaration is the result of a collaboration between The Climate Group, the UK government and the UN High Level Climate Champions, through the RouteZero platform, which Ingka Group is closely connected to. Ingka Group has signed alongside a range of actors, including other EV100 members, governments, OEMs, and investors.

“We have deployed zero emission vehicles in 22 countries and we have over 500 zero emission trucks in operation around the world. We are doing everything we can to reach 100 percent zero emissions for home deliveries by 2025, and together with our partners, we commit to rapidly accelerating the transition to zero emission home deliveries to support in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement”, says Juvencio Maetzu, Chief Finance Officer, Ingka Group.

The signees commit to working towards all sales of new cars and vans to be zero emission globally by 2040, and by no later than 2035 in leading markets. Ingka Group is committed to leading this movement with even more ambitious goals, and collaboration with others as vital to push this movement forward with speed.


Examples of implementation of zero emission vehicles

  • Ingka Group deployed zero emission vehicles in 22 countries.
  • Over 500 zero emission trucks are operated globally for IKEA through more than 40 partners
  • Prototypes were created and tested in 10 IKEA cities (more under development and soon to be tested)
  • Amsterdam reached 100% zero emission for home deliveries before summer 2021
  • Paris covered 60% and new exciting tests have been made, including the test of delivery by water using barges, to also address congestion.
  • Austria started to deploy zero emission delivery in Vienna. Extra vehicles are on their way to achieve 100% electric deliveries by December 2021. Strong ambition to cover 95% countrywide by end FY23!
  • Korea: 25% of truck home deliveries are performed with zero emission solutions in the country
  • China: 95% of deliveries are made by electric vehicles
  • And even bolder movements to be announced soon!


EV100 is a global initiative bringing together companies committed to switching their owned and contracted fleets up to 7.5t to electric vehicles and installing charging infrastructure for employees and customers by 2030. EV100 members are increasing demand, influencing policy, and driving mass roll-out – helping to make electric vehicles more rapidly affordable for everyone.

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