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Assembling our Future

IKEA and COP26 logos

An exhibition that brings IKEA’s vision for climate action to life

The exhibition ‘Assembling our Future’, first presented at COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021showcases and brings to life how IKEA accelerates climate action with partners across the value chain and beyond. IKEA partnered with London based creative studio Superflux to present this exhibition inside the New York Times Climate Hub in Glasgow during COP26.

Taking full responsibility for our climate impact

Climate change affects us all. Lead by countries and businesses we must all work together to halve global emissions by 2030. Many of the solutions needed are available, they now need to be implemented quickly and at scale. 

Across the IKEA business, we are determined to play our part and take full responsibility for our climate impact. Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. Climate change threatens this for people today and for generations to come. 

In this exhibition we explore some of the ways IKEA is transforming to become climate positive.

Assembling our Future

To guide the visitor, the exhibition is divided into six sections, each represented by an assigned colour and shape: Home, Neighbourhood, Retail Operations, Circularity, Materials, and Collaborations, all focusing on new climate solutions across different areas of the IKEA business and beyond.

Assembling our Future at Cop26

We’re accelerating action in retail sustainability - and asking other businesses to join us

  • The time is now for businesses to lead the way and be transparent about how they will get their value chain to net zero and set short term targets in line with science. 
  • for governments to commit to significant greenhouse gas reduction targets, and enable positive action through legislation and incentives
  • for everyone to take action, every day, by making climate-conscious choices and influencing others.