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Campaigns October 22, 2020

Inspiring masterclasses in IKEA Virtual Greenhouse

Dutch Design Week is in full swing, and with that also the IKEA Virtual Greenhouse and its masterclasses and inspiring sessions offered every day throughout the week. 

So far, viewers have been able to learn about everything from nourishing bees and printing textiles with microalgae to natural water filtration and caring for your houseplants.

Until Friday viewers will be able to indulge in a variety of inspirational content, such as how to build your own farm at home, how to make flower therapy arrangements for the home and how to dye textiles with food waste.

Everything that’s already been aired is saved on the Life at Home page, where all videos can be watched again and again, offering a chance for all those that were unable to attend Dutch Design Week to take part of the Virtual Greenhouse content.  

Virtual Greenhouse aims to help people create a home sanctuary and live more sustainably at home, a need that was clearly expressed in this year’s Life at Home Report. The

IKEA Life at Home site can be viewed here and here you can read an article about the report

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