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IKEA Retail Technology 15 February 2024

IKEA Amsterdam introduces groundbreaking in-store-pick-up system revolutionizing order collection

IKEA Global – Amsterdam introduces an advanced in-store pick-up system, as part of a wider global pilot project, helping to transform the traditional Click & Collect experience. At the heart of this transformation are two state-of-the-art vending machines, specifically designed for order retrieval. The machines are part of a broader initiative to enhance customer service and efficiency.

“We understand customers have different preferences and we want to offer them options for whenever and however they want to get their purchases home”

– Tolga Öncu, Ingka Retail Manager, Ingka Group

This transformation in IKEA Amsterdam is a key part of IKEA’s omnichannel strategy, enhancing both online and offline accessibility. With the ability to handle 480 orders daily, these vending machines offer customers a unique and efficient shopping experience.

More efficient than ever, it allows customers to place orders online and choose their pick-up location and time. This service has been augmented with large vending machines in the IKEA Amsterdam store for bigger orders and convenient Pick-Up lockers for smaller purchases.

Development & Expansion

To integrate this technology, the Amsterdam store underwent significant renovations. The adoption of vertical storage and complete transition to self-checkouts has optimized store space, allowing for better product storage and availability.

Youssef Zouhair, Logistics Director of IKEA Netherlands, highlighted the team’s commitment: “Our team has shown remarkable dedication in implementing these machines and reorganizing the warehouse, they truly embody the IKEA values and our entrepreneurial spirit.’’

As Kevin Gamble, Country Digital Manager also points out ‘’The lockers and Click&Collect machines installed in Amsterdam reflect IKEA’s commitment to seeking out new omnichannel methods of meeting our customers in a way they want to be met. A brave decision from our Logistics colleagues, with the support of the IKEA Netherlands Management Team, have led us to the extraordinary position of having a new and innovative warehousing system installed in one of our largest stores in the country.’’

A Tested Approach

Interestingly, these automated storage solutions have been in use within IKEA stores in the United States and the Czech Republic for internal storage purposes, benefiting co-workers. The IKEA Plaisir store in the greater Paris, France area first piloted this solution for customers in January 2022. Since then, Parisien customers have been happy with this accessible and affordable option to pick-up their purchases at more convenient times – beyond store hours.

Looking Ahead

With the closure of the external warehouse, customers now enjoy a more streamlined process. This initiative is not only about improving the large product collection process but also builds on IKEA’s existing service of offering lockers for parcels and smaller products. “We understand customers have different preferences and we want to offer them options for whenever and however they want to get their purchases home. Click and collect has been available for some time, and now, this new solution is a great step towards better meeting their needs,” shares Tolga Oncu, IKEA Retail Manager. “It’s a testament to IKEA’s continuous effort to experiment and find new ways to meet customer needs”.

IKEA remains at the forefront of retail innovation, striving to create more accessible and enjoyable shopping experiences globally. Stay tuned for more developments as we continue to explore and innovate in the world of retail. As Parag Parekh, CDO for IKEA Retail (Global) says ‘’Whilst still in the development phase, the system represents a significant step forward in meeting customer needs. It’s an exciting development in IKEA’s journey to innovate and provide better services.’’


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