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For H22, we are stepping outside the four walls of the home we usually work within, to collaborate with an entire city. We are exploring new ways of collaborating and engaging with partners, people and society. Contributing and adding momentum to the Life@Home movement. A movement that is sustainable, affordable, inclusive and supports our vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people. The ambition is to test and learn how to lay a foundation where locally relevant initiatives and activities, can be upscaled to larger, globally relevant solutions. Ideas that will travel the world. 

We believe that engaging in H22 will help strengthen the perception of IKEA as a vital, surprising and innovative company, which will have a positive impact on the IKEA brand. Of course, we also see this as an opportunity to grow our customer base, especially targeting the younger generations, while inspiring and nurturing our existing ones.

Program and other information available here: H22 at IKEA.

H22 City Expo: IKEA challenges young creatives globally

25 Mar 2022

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H22 City Expo: The finalists of the global competition to build a better everyday life are chosen

29 Apr 2022

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IKEA takes home beyond the four walls in H22 City Expo

30 May 2022

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