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Ingka Centres 27 March 2024

Ingka Centres celebrates UN adoption of an International Day of Play

Ingka Centres, a developer and operator of 34 meeting places worldwide IKEA anchored, part of Ingka Group, is thrilled to announce that the United Nations General Assembly has officially endorsed the establishment of an International Day of Play, marking a significant milestone in the global movement to acknowledge the critical role of play in many people’s lives. The first International Day of Play will take place the 11th of June this summer. As a proud founding member of the International Day of Play network, Ingka Centres has collaborated with an array of brands and organizations to bring the joy and benefits of play closer to communities worldwide.

“Today’s young people are tomorrow’s world leaders. Their access and right to play will help shape both their futures and all of ours”

– Cindy Andersen, Managing Director of Ingka Centres

Cindy Andersen, Managing Director of Ingka Centres, expressed her enthusiasm: “Today’s young people are tomorrow’s world leaders. Their access and right to play will help shape both their futures and all of ours. Play fosters empathy, creativity, and teamwork. It cultivates connections, imagination, innovation, well-being and community. These are vital for our world ahead, and that’s why at Ingka Centres, we’re championing more play. For all people, whoever they are, whatever their age, wherever they’re from. We believe in happy communities that thrive on the power of play!”

The International Day of Play is a celebration of play’s pivotal role in the healthy development of children and adults, as well as the well-being of local communities. This initiative serves as a powerful catalyst for systemic change, advocating play as a basic human right and essential need. Through collaborative efforts, Ingka Centres and its partners strive to ensure that play becomes accessible and recognized as a necessity, not a luxury.

Other members of the International Day of Play network include: the LEGO Group, The LEGO Foundation, RIGHT TO PLAY INTERNATIONAL, PEDAL, BRAC, Ingka Group, Arup, Nike, International Play Association (IPA World), KidZania, Save the Children International, Adea, Child and Youth Friendly Governance Project, The Concerned for Working Children, the Government of Sierra Leone, and the University of Cambridge. Together, these brands are making strides towards creating a world where every child can enjoy the transformative power of play.

About Ingka Centres:

Ingka Centres is part of the Ingka Group (which also includes IKEA Retail and Ingka Investments). Ingka Centres has more than 40 years of experience in shopping centres and today works with over 3000 brands across its portfolio of 34 meeting places in 13 markets. The company hosts and serves more than 352 million visitors each year. Ingka Centres creates its meeting places by collaborating with local communities, as well as its tenants and partners, to ensure they are destinations with emotional meaning that add value and build social connections.

More information: www.ingkacentres.comLinkedIn, Facebook, X.

About Ingka Group

With IKEA retail operations on 31 markets, Ingka Group is the largest IKEA retailer and represents about 90% of IKEA retail sales. It is a strategic partner to develop and innovate the IKEA business and help define common IKEA strategies. Ingka Group owns and operates IKEA sales channels under franchise agreements with Inter IKEA Systems B.V. It has three business areas: IKEA Retail, Ingka Investments and Ingka Centres. Read more on

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Ingka Centres celebrates UN adoption of an International Day of Play

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