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IKEA Retail Sustainability 5 November 2020

The world’s first second-hand IKEA store is now open

The first second-hand IKEA store is now open in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The store is located in the ReTuna shopping centre, where all products sold are reused or recycled. Old furniture is given a second chance, at the same time as IKEA can test and develop a circular business model.

The opening ceremony was a simple one, given the current pandemic situation.
“I’m happy that we have finally opened the store to our customers. And I’m equally happy that we have had a steady stream of visitors, which helped us create a safe environment for our co-workers and customers”, says Jonas Fjäll, Store Manager at IKEA Västerås, the store which the second-hand store belongs to.


The store is part of a global innovation project within IKEA, aiming to test and develop a circular and profitable business model for the future. The second-hand store helps IKEA inspire more people to live a more sustainable life within the boundaries of the planet and pave the way to transition from a linear to a circular business model.

Within ten years, all products at IKEA must be designed based on circular principles and made by renewable and recycled materials, at the same time as it must be easier for customers to prolong the life of their furniture and products. 


  • Within ten years all IKEA products will be made by renewable or recycled materials and designed to be reused, resold or recycled. 
  • To prolong the life of our furniture IKEA works to reduce the number of discarded products, by repairing and repackaging damaged items. Last year we gave 47 million products a new life through our As-is areas all over the world. 
  • The collaboration with ReTuna will help IKEA understand why some IKEA products are turned into waste, what condition they are in when thrown away, how people reason when choosing to donate products or recycling them, and if there’s an interest in buying the products if we can save them. 
  • The store is a test and will be open for 6 months and evaluated continuously.
  • IKEA Västerås plays an important part as the store is run by them. The IKEA Västerås store will also provide the store with furniture and home furnishing products that for different reasons have been damaged. At ReTuna they will be repaired and given a second chance in a new home. 

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